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Our staff

Patricks Road State School is fortunate to have dedicated, professional staff who are enthusiastic about assisting each child to reach his or her potential. 

Administrative staff are welcoming and able to assist parents, visitors and students with their enquiries. Teachers are committed to continually updating their skills in order to best facilitate learning. There is a pleasant blend of long-serving staff and some who have arrived more recently. The staff are extremely proud of the school and its students.

Staffing for 2018

Principal:  Danielle Priday

Deputy Principals:  Maureen Bailey & Michael Drake

Business Services Manager:  Trish Easley
Administrative Officers:  Lindy Merryfull & Deb Nichol

Head of Curriculum:  Allison Kelly
Master Teacher: Bert Lehane

Classroom Teachers
Prep: Mandy Piotrowski, Deb Howe, Helen Simpson, Jo Lindsay/Sandy Hoskins, Lizzie Moore

Year One:  Mel Leutton, Sandy Novak/Rachael Ozolins, Wendy Wilson, Lucy Wales
Year Two:   Lauren Palmer, Jasmine Molineux, Sue Tobin, Alex Horder,  Wendy Frazer,  Sally Callaghan
Year Three:  Elyse Young, Kristina Lewis, Dale Jobling/Marie Tierney, Anna Anderson,
Year Four:   Liz Comino, Matt Curnow, Bill Graham, Helen Smith, Fiona Harmon
Year Five:  Simone Dawson, Merrilyn Krohn, Brad Muller, Jo McDowell, Fiona Harmon
Year Six:   Rick Herd, Don Easton, Samantha Hall, Margot Easton

Music:  Casey Chadwick
HPE:  David Rogers
Science:  Anna Rose

LOTE:  Karen Magnussen and Rachel Boehmer
Instrumental Music:  Nicola Seneviratene, Julie Boxall, Lisa Allely

Learning Support:

Head of Special Education Services: Sarah Smith

Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy: Martin Duffy
Guidance Officer:  Lesley Andison
Special Needs:  Jenny Stahlhut, Leanne Fertjowski
English as a Second Language:  Maggie Holt
Andrea Eadie & Dave McCafferty
Ancillary Staff:
School’s Officer:  Alan Boreham
Teacher Aides:  Sharon Fraser, Leigh Guthrie, Amanda Randall, Amanda Peters, Yuko Edwards, Giselle Lawrie, Kay Donaldson, Sandra Embrey, Jodie Watts, Kerry Lynch, Nat Massey, Kay Codognotto
Cleaning Staff:  Robyn Boreham, Peter Worrall, Erica Heron
Technician:  Frank Zhang