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The school newsletter is published weekly and is available via the website or by subscription. Please contact the school office if you would like the newsletter emailed directly to you. Please make it part of your routine to scan through the newsletter each week to check for information which might be relevant to you or your children.

Reminders are sent as news flashes to relevant year level parents.  Please check messages from the school to ensure you have the most current information.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Term 1 Week 3.aspxTerm 1 Week 3Term 1 Week 314/02/20192 KB
Term 1 Week 2.aspxTer m Wee 2Term 1 Week 27/02/20192 KB
Term 1 Week 1.aspxTerm 1 Week 1Term 1 Week 131/01/20192 KB
Term 4 Week 10.aspxTerm 4 week 10Term 4 Week 1014/12/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 9.aspxTerm 4 Week 9Term 4 Week 96/12/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 8.aspxTerm 4 Week 8Term 4 Week 829/11/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 7.aspxTerm 4 Week 7Term 4 Week 722/11/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 6.aspxTerm 4 Week 6Term 4 Week 615/11/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 5.aspxTerm 4 Week 5Term 4 Week 58/11/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 4.aspxTerm 4 Week 4Term 4 Week 41/11/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 3.aspxTerm 4 Week 3Term 4 Week 325/10/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 2.aspxTerm 4 Week 2Term 4 Week 218/10/20182 KB
Term 4 Week 1.aspxTerm 4 Week 1Term 4 Week 111/10/20182 KB